Global brands partner to deliver roadmap for regenerative dairy

Our future nutritional security depends on the capacity of global brands to plan and deliver new, profitable and successful models of food production. This means trusting and empowering farmers to protect their communities and rebalance their farms so that they can work successfully in partnership with nature.

From September 2021, major brands will partner with FAI Farms and Farmwel, to deliver a Roadmap for Regenerative Dairy.  The project aims to engage dairy farmers and businesses around a practical vision for a productive and profitable global dairy sector that also restores its relationship with nature. 

The collaboration will define what regenerative dairy looks like from the bottom up.  Our joint vision will be informed by practices that are having regenerative outcomes on dairy farms around the world today. To help ensure mainstream adoption and impact, we will investigate practical language and effective framing for farmer focused communication.  Working with farmer groups and other stakeholders, we will create a roadmap of critical steps and actions to establish the supply chain conditions for successful transition to regenerative dairy.

This project begins as all nations make their COP26 pledges about the speed with which their societies and economies must decarbonise.  Agricultural land use accounts for 24% of carbon emissions, but not all of these emissions are from fossil fuels.6  While emissions from ruminants are high, the warming impact of these emissions is relatively stable.  This means that the best way to mitigate dairy’s global warming impact is to take a whole-systems approach, and reintegrate farming practices with nature.  By reducing the industry’s reliance on fossil fuels, and by focusing change on soil health, biodiversity, carbon sequestration and water management, the dairy sector will be able to produce high quality nutrition and maintain profitability.